Aloha Gymfest 2017 (Hawaii)

Between the 5th - 18th January 2017. 92 Gymnasts, Parents, Coaches and Judges from The NSW Academy of Gymnastics flew to Hawaii to compete at the 2017 Aloha Gymfest competition. 

Our gymnasts were able to meet many gymnasts from all around the world, create amazing memories and lots of new friendships. We are so proud of all the girl’s results and have had the best time with all our families who flew to Hawaii with us to support our gymnasts. A special mention to the below gymnasts for placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th OVERALL in their levels. 
Level 9: 
Olivia Tripi 1st OVERALL 
Sage Anderson: 3rd OVERALL
Jess Rutherford 4th OVERALL
Elise Baxter placing 1st and 2nd on all apparatus competed on: 1st on beam, floor and 2nd on vault. 

Level 8:
Lily Sharpe: 3rd OVERALL 

Level 7:
Zoe Aldridge: 1st OVERALL
Chloe Mathieson 1st OVERALL
Scarlet Cameron 3rd OVERALL

Level 6:
Melanie Persinidis: 1st OVERALL
Taya Wilson 2nd OVERALL
Stephanie Taylor: 2nd OVERALL
Morgan Evans: 4th OVERALL

Congratulations to all of our gymnasts. GO ACADEMY !!


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