MAG - Grand Prix 4
Great Work to all boys and special mention to the below who placed top 5 in their session apparatus or overall in The MAG Grand Prix 4. 
Level 6O: Alexander – 3rd Overall, 3rd Pommel, 1st Rings, 1st Vault, 3rd Pbars and Darian - 5th Pommel, 5th Bars.
Level 3O Deklyn – 4th Pommel, 1st High Bar.
Level 3U Isaac – 4th Vault, 5th Pbars, Kai – 5th Floor, 4th Pommel and Cooper – 1st Pommel

Sunday 25th August 2019 

WAG 5-7 State Championships
Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th August 2019 

????CONGRATULATIONS???? to all our girls who competed at the level 5-7 State Championships this weekend. Everyone has shown huge improvement and all your hard work has paid off with some amazing personal bests and results. Special mention to the below for placing top 3 overall in the state or apparatus in their Divisions.
Level 5: Angelina 2nd Overall 1st Bars, Dekoda 3rd Overall 1st Floor, Annabelle 3rd Bars, Sophie 1st Vault
Level 6: Ruby 3rd Overall 1st Vault 3rd Bars, Anna-Claire 3rd Vault.
Level 7: Charlotte 3rd Overall 1st Bars, Kristina 3rd Overall 1st Beam
What an amazing weekend for all our gymnasts and special thank you to everyone who came to support our girls with such an amazing cheer squad the whole weekend. GOACADEMY! 

WAG 5-7 Metro State Trials

Monday 8th - Tuesday 9th July 2019
Congratulations to our Level 5s today at the state trials. 
Dekoda placing 1st. Annabelle 3rd and Angie 4th overall in their session from our Jnrs and Sophie placing 3rd overall in her snr session. 
Level 6
Ruby - 2nd Overall in level 6, Sophie 1st on Beam
Level 7
Morgan 1st overall in snr session, Kristina 3rd overall. Sienna 1st on Vault and tied 1st on Beam with Mai-Ling. 
Charlotte placed 1st overall in her session and 2nd overall in Leve 7 

19 Gymnasts have qualified for the State Championships in August 


Day 2 
So proud of our gymnasts, Lily placing 13th Overall in level 10 and Jaymi Placing 6th overall level 10 at The Australian Championships this week. Congratulations to Jaymi, Lily and Zoe for all the hard work you have put in.

Day 1
Jaymi, Lily and Zoe. Congratulations ! NSW level 10 team placing 4th overall and NSW level 9 team placing 3rd overall. All three girls have made it to the next round good luck we are all cheering you on from home !!


Saturday 13th - Sunday 14th April 2019

Results from the Snr State Championships this weekend. It was amazing to watch so many outstanding gymnasts all in one place. We are so proud of all our gymnasts. A Special mention to Lily, Jaymi and Zoe for qualifying for Nationals later on next month in Melbourne!. More special mentions to the below gymnasts who placed top 5 on specific apparatus or overall in their individual sessions. 
Jaymi - Lvl10. 5th Beam 5th Floor
Lily - Lvl10 4th Overall 2nd Beam 4th Vault 5th Bars
Tess - Lvl9 2nd Vault 4th Bars
Zoe - Lvl9 4th Overall 3rdT Bars 3rd Beam
Eftalia - Lvl8 2nd Vault 5th Bars
Shelley -Lvl8 4th Bars 



Saturday 16th - Sunday 17th March 2019 

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the Snr State Trial 2 over the weekend. Special mention to the girls who placed top 3 on apparatus or overall in their individual sessions and levels. 
Jaymi Lvl10 - 3rd Beam
Lily Lvl10 - 3rd Beam, 3rd Floor
Tess Lvl9 - 2nd Vault
Zoe Lvl9 - 1st Bars, 1st OVERALL
Eftalia Lvl8 - 2nd Vault, 3rd Bars, 3rd Beam, 3rd OVERALL
Shelley Lvl8 - 1st Bars, 2nd Beam, 2nd OVERALL 


Saturday 2nd - Sunday 3rd March 2019 

March 2019
Our level 8-10 WAG and Level 7 MAG Gymnasts headed to Rooty Hill to compete in the Snr State Trials on the 2nd and 3rd of March. In the hopes to qualify for the Snr State Championships and ultimately The Australian National Championships this year.

A special mention to the top 7 girls and boys who placed top 10 in their sessions.
Special mention also to the below gymnasts who placed top 3 overall or on apparatus in their individual sessions.
Level 7: Bailey - 2nd Rings. 
Level 10: Jaymi - 3rd Beam
Level 10: Lily - 2nd Vault, 3rd Beam, 3rd Floor
Level 9: Zoe - 3rd Vault, 2nd Bars
Level 9: Tess - 2nd Bars 
Level 8: Shelley - 2nd OVERALL. 1st Bars, 3rd Vault
Level 8: Eftalia - 3rd Beam. 
A great start to the competition season!! Go Academy!!